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Simulation of UFOtown fanletter service
This community is still under construction.

ufotown is an idol roleplay community based on the UFOtown fanletter service. It was created to give roleplayers a new an interesting way to use their muses, as well as providing a fun simulated interaction to fans that are unable to use the actual UFOtown.

It's all for your entertainment, so please come in and play with us! ^.^
How to Send Messages

All you need to send messages to our stars is an LJ account. Simply visit our star index, click on the idol or group you would like to send a message to, and leave your message in the form of an LJ comment.

If this is your first time visiting, please read the Rules & Introduction.
UFO Idols

If you would like to be a UFO idol, please visit this post.

This community is for entertainment purposes only. Our stars are portrayed by fans just like you. We are not affiliated in any way to any of the artists, nor the UFOtown fanletter service. Furthermore, advice given by our idols should be heeded at your own risk. x.x