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Star Index [Mar. 27th, 2025|02:40 pm]
Simulation UFOtown

UFOtown is a roleplay simulation of the UFOtown fanletter community intended for entertainment purposes only. Idols are played by fans like you. We have no affiliation to the real idols, or the actual UFOtown service.

Click on the name of an idol to leave them a message. ^.^

FLY to Jo Kwon

Big Bang
FLY to G-Dragon
FLY to Taeyang
FLY to Daesung
FLY to Seung Ri

Girls Generation
FLY to Taeyeon

FLY to Key

Super Junior
FLY to Donghae
FLY to Eunhyuk
FLY to Heechul
FLY to Kyuhyun
FLY to Leeteuk
FLY to Yesung

FLY to U-know
FLY to Hero
FLY to Micky
FLY to Xiah
FLY to Max

Spiffy graphic index coming soon. ^.^ Promise!

[User Picture]From: pumpink
2010-02-15 04:01 pm (UTC)
reply soon,plese ~~
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[User Picture]From: Mieea Mimo
2010-12-26 05:20 am (UTC)
Hey pumpink , Are they a really star , Or just a fan like us ?
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From: minhee0523
2010-08-09 07:59 am (UTC)
will they see the comments that we post?
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