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So you want to be an idol... [Mar. 27th, 2009|02:00 pm]
Simulation UFOtown
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Please DO NOT make your idol journal before you have read this page and gone through the application process. You MUST be approved before taking any idol.

ufotown can't function without strong idol roleplayers. If your muse is built to handle the unexpected, then I'd love to have you. I'm still fine-tuning the application process, but this is basically how things will go...

1) Send me your application. Scroll down on this page to find it.
2) Wait for approval.
3) After you have been approved, make your idol journal.
4) Respond to your approval message to let me know your idol username.
5) Wait for your main entry code to be posted in the community.
6) Make your main entry and respond with the link to that specific entry so that I can point the star index to you.
7) Wait for the com to open, and the messages to start pouring in. ^^

Send the following application in an email to masolily@aol.com. Any unclaimed idol currently listed on UFOtown is available (scroll down for list). You can apply for two idols initially, and additional idols may be requested later.

Single Idol

Two Idols

Commonly used Korean words like "oppa" or "noona" are fine, but otherwise use English please. If I think your muse has the right stuff, I'll send you back all the info you need to create your idol journal. ^.^

Claimed Idols
If you wanted these idols, you're too late, but you can still leave them lots of messages. ^.^

Big Bang
G-Dragon (gthedragon)
TOP (tempofreestyle)
Taeyang (ybae)
Daesung (dlite_sung)
Seung Ri (strong_baby_ri)

U-Know Yunho (yunho_u_know)
Hero Jaejoong (secret_jae)
Micky Yoochun (ychun)
Xiah Junsu (justjunsu)
Max Changmin (changminnie831)

Super Junior
Donghae (fishie_hae)
Eunhyuk (suju_eunhyuk)
Heechul (k_heechul)
Kyuhyun (waiterkyu)
Leeteuk (leeteuk_suju)
Yesung (suju_yesung)

2AM: Jo Kwon (hotkwon)
2PM: Nichkhun (muse journal pending)
Girls Generation: Taeyeon (umma_taeyeon)
SHINee: Key (itskeytime)
SHINee: Onew (heyonew)

Unclaimed Idols
I may eventually open the community to idols not listed on the real UFOtown, but for now, you can only pick from idols listed here.

- Jinwoon
- Seoulong
- Changmin

- Jaebeom
- Junsu
- Taecyeon
- Wooyoung
- Junho
- Chansung

- Azuma Tomoki
- Park Jung Jin
- Ding Hai Ming
- Byun Jang Moon
- Sung In Kyu
- Lim Han Byul


Brown Eyed Girls
- Jea
- Ga-in
- Narsha
- Miryo

- Lee Hong Gi
- Lee Jae Jin
- Choi Jong Hun
- Choi Min Hwan
- Song Seung Hyun

Girls Generation
- Hyoyeon
- Jessica
- Seohyun
- Sooyoung
- Sunny
- Tiffany
- Yoona
- Yuri


- Park Gyu Ri
- Han Seung Yeon
- Nicole Jung
- Kang Ji Young
- Gu Ha Ra

Ku Hyesun

Lee Minho

Lee Hyun Ji


- Jonghyun
- Minho
- Taemin

- Kim Hyun Joong
- Heo Young Saeng
- Kim Kyu Jong
- Park Jung Min
- Kim Hyung Joon

Super Junior
- Hankyung
- Kangin
- Shindong
- Sungmin
- Siwon
- Ryeowook
- Kibum

Wonder Girls
- Sunye
- Ye-eun
- Sunmi
- Sohee
- Yubin

If you have any more questions, visit the Q&A post. If they aren't already answered, that's the place to ask.

From: iisugoi_ami
2010-08-24 03:28 pm (UTC)


i want to be sungmin and jessica
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