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Fans, please read before posting messages~! [Mar. 26th, 2009|04:19 pm]
Simulation UFOtown
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Rules for Fans
1) No spamming/trolling/flaming/bashing.
2) Do not reply to messages left by other fans. Only idols are allowed to respond.
3) Please keep your messages short. I won't be counting words. I just ask that you use common sense and keep it simple.
4) When sending picture messages, please link to the picture rather then posting it in the body of the message.
5) There is no limit to the number of messages you can leave, but please be considerate of others and do not enslave our idols. x.x;;
6) Idol entries are for FLY messages only, any other comments posted will be considered spam.
7) Using words like "oppa" or "noona" is fine, but all messages should be primarily in English.

What is a FLY Message?
FLY = Fan Letter to You. Essentially a FLY is a short message (120 characters or less) sent to an idol. UFOtown also allows picture FLY messages, so we will allow those as well.

So what should you write? Well the sky is the limit. Ask your idol how they're feeling today, ask for advice on something that's been bugging you, send pictures of your best friend and see if your idol thinks she's cute. There are tons of translations out there with real idol replies. Just google "UFO Translations" for some hilarious and sweet examples.

How do I leave messages?
Just find the group or star that you want to contact on our star index, click on their name to travel to their page, and leave your message in the form of an LJ comment. It's that simple. ^^

Now you're ready to leave messages for our simulated idols. ^.^ Have fun~♥

If you have any more questions, visit the Q&A post. If they aren't already answered, that's the place to ask.